Dramatically Change your Out-of-Date Living room into a "Great Room"...

3 Ways Gormley Designs LLC Changed this Living Room into a Great Room...

1)Replacing the simple beamed ceiling with this coffered ceiling and accent lighting creates drama and focus on the fireplace.

2)Replacing the modern windows and window coverings with a more traditional style creates a warmer feel to the space.

3)Hardwood floors replace the existing carpet to finish off the look.

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"I Love My Neighborhood but I Don't Love My House"...5 Things You Can Do to Give Your Home a Makeover."

We hear this a lot..."I love my neighborhood, but I don't love my house"...Here are 5 ways Gormley Designs LLC has given this Maryland home a makeover...

1.)  The first thing we did was change the style of the home to a Hampton style.  This dramatically updated the home.

2.)  We also opened up the floor plan creating a kitchen - great room connection that is more conducive to family time.

3.)  We enlarged the garage to a three car garage that opens on the side.

4.)  We created suites for the bedrooms so they would have private full baths for 4 of the bedrooms.

5.) Vaulting the ceilings makes the home even feel more spacious. 


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Dramatic Home Makeover in 4 Simple Steps by Gormley Designs LLC

before and after home renovation

Let's face it our wardrobe's need updating because they get out of date, but this can also be said of our homes.  Here are 4 ways we gave this Annapolis, MD home a makeover...

1)Adding the dormer and decorative windows above the garage helped add some detail to the large roof area.

2)We changed the siding from vinyl to James Hardie shake and the color from beige to "Light Mist."

3)Removing the shudders and enlarging the trim really updated this home.

4)Finally the arched portico over the door not only creates a place to get out of the rain but also gives the home decorative detail and style.